Hey, y’all!

My name is Mary Katherine, but you can call me “MK”. I am so glad you found this happy little corner of the internet, and hope my words make you feel at home here. I am a wife (Ian) and a mama (Ben and Holland) just doing my best to make sense of the world around me. This website is where I write about that journey. My writing goal has always been to let parents know that they are not alone in the trenches of new parenthood. These words are my journal, and I figure if I am honest enough, we can navigate this mess together. Maybe even help each other. Here I hope we can admit to feeling lost, laugh when a crib is covered in poop, or cry in solidarity as we continue to place one foot in front of the other, in this crazy phase of life called “parenthood”.

Maybe, just maybe, we can even become friends.

A few things about me: I am a Christian, and my faith is dear to me. That being said, I hate seeing any faith weaponized, and it’s my promise that you will never see that here. I also love being a mother—but I am MORE than a mother. I always have been, and childbirth doesn’t magically change that. So, on this site you will find my thoughts on everything from breast pumps to gun control, and if that freaks you out, join the crowd.

The world is kinda a freaky place, but I am not afraid to talk about it.

If you’re still here, welcome to my home. Kick up your feet. This is a pretty laid back place, but there is one rule: be kind.

I strongly believe that if something is worth saying, it is worth saying with kindness.

That’s about it. (I talk about myself more than enough on these pages.)

Welcome to the tribe. Let’s be friends.



Oh, oh! I almost forgot.

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