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Do you ever hear the perfect song on a show or movie? One that captures the scene just right.

Do you wish your life could be set to music?

I do.

I like to imagine my life is a movie and wonder what songs might play at any given moment. How much more awesome would that promotion be with a kick-ass anthem playing out loud? That romantic dinner would be all the more lovely scored to a ballad.

These days, my life revolves around my kids and my toddler deserves his own soundtrack. If music really did play out the story of my son’s life, here’s how it would sound:

My Toddler Deserves His Own Soundtrack

The morning begins with “Get This Party Started” by Pink. Playing as my son bursts through his bedroom eager to start the day.

We then sit down for breakfast, Weird Al’s “Eat It” plays while I wonder how someone can eat the same food for every meal.

When it’s time to head outside, my son refuses to ride in his stroller. He would rather walk, so he struts his stuff to the sounds of Aerosmith’s and Run DMC’s, “Walk This Way.”

We arrive at the playground, and my son excitedly rushes through the gate and up the stairs to the slide as “Everything is Awesome,” by Teegan and Sarah, blasts.

When he spies all the toys he can play with, “I Want It All” from Queen sets the tone.

The inevitable tantrum will be accompanied by Twisted Sister’s, “We’re Not Gonna Take It!”

Potty breaks will be set to the tune of “Roses” by Outkast. (Google the chorus.)

Back at home is clothing optional, so Nelly’s “Hot in Hurr” is the perfect jam.

When the day is done and it is time to go to bed, my son will fight to stay up just a bit longer to the triumphant, “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn” by The Beastie Boys.

What songs make up your kids’ soundtrack?


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