Love … or Something Is In The Air

Love … or Something Is In The Air

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by TiffinTalk, but all opinions are my own.

Valentines Day is rapidly approaching, so love is in the air…or something.

I mean, it’s supposed to be, but for parents that can be a little bit of a challenge. Let’s be honest, between the butt-wiping and sippy-cup spilling and sleep-deprived nights, it’s not very likely that any of our minds are consumed with roses or chocolates or bowchickawowow right now.
And it’s not because we mamas don’t love our significant others. It’s because parenting is hard, and by the end of the day it’s all too easy to crash onto the couch with our partners and binge watch Netflix for a few glorious, mindless hours. Ammiright? Sometimes, romance takes a special kind of effort that we are too dang tired to make.
But this year, I was determined not to spend one more Valentines Day lying side by side in bed with my husband, playing on our iPhones. I wanted to try something new, and a good friend recommended I try out TiffinTalk Heart2Heart (a collection of cards that encourage meaningful conversation and time with loved ones). She said it was a fun, sexy way to reconnect with my partner, and all I had to do was turn my phone off for one freaking night.
“Fine,” I thought, putting on an actual bra. “I can do this.”
Truth is, I was intrigued with these cards for three reasons. One, I’ve loved answering questions, ever since my Teen Magazine days. Two, I felt like the price point was reasonable enough to take the risk. And three, it was a gift that wouldn’t die from lack of watering or melt in the backseat of my car.
Eleven years of marriage can put you in somewhat of a comfortable rut, and I was willing to try something new to shake things up a bit. So, I brought the Heart2Heart package home, looked my hubs in the eye and said, “We are doing this. Get excited.”
And y’all, it was honestly so much fun! The box had 69 cards (I know, I know) that contained fun, stimulating questions for each of us to answer. It was a little scary at first, because um….there is some sexy talk. But, after a few minutes we were both drawing cards and laughing, talking, and even side eyeing in a way we hadn’t done since college.
I’m not big on buying presents for holidays. It’s not something Ian and I do very often. But y’all, real talk: I was glad to make an exception for Tiffintalk, and I recommend you do the same. It’s a cost-effective gift that doesn’t go bad and comes with the added bonus of improving your relationship with your signifanct other. Would I lead you wrong?
Buy the dang box and grab a glass of vino. It’ll be fun, I promise.
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by TiffinTalk, but all opinions are my own.


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