I See the Man You Will Become.

I See the Man You Will Become.

written by Christine Carter

It seems time’s fleeting hand runs fast and furious through the years. They blend and blur together as I realize this moment will be gone the instant I write it. Just yesterday, I was nursing you to sleep. Just yesterday, I was watching you stumble on your newly toddling feet. Just yesterday, I walked you into pre-school, terrified of letting you go.

Just yesterday…

So it seems.

After just celebrating your 10th birthday, I think about the kind of adult you will become sometime in the not so distant future. I can only imagine the infant I swaddled, the toddler I praised, and the little boy I escorted through the doors of pre-school, will have transformed into a man.

It will all happen by tomorrow.

Ten years has gone by way too fast.

If I can allow myself to accept that my precious boy will someday be out in the world on his own, I envision the dream of the man you will become. As you grow older, you glow with a sense of what is right and just and needed in this world. I can assume that the character, compassion, and integrity that you exhibit now, will predict the very character, compassion and integrity you possess tomorrow.

I’ll trace your character back to how you run to help every kid on the soccer field when they get injured, never discriminating which team they may be on. I’ll realize your compassion runs deep within your heart, as you put your arm on the fallen player and gently help him off the field. I’ll remember how you stopped a bully from name calling and assaulting your friend, as you stepped in to protect the innocent. Your forty-pound body stood up to an older kid twice your size, as your fearless intervention revealed your courageous compassion.

You will constantly be presented with opportunities to help the wounded, lift the weak, support the suffering, and defend the down fallen on this vast battlefield of life. Many of whom you encounter will not be on ‘your team’, and several more will be more broken and bruised than you know. Your heart will not discriminate, but act only on what compels you to take a stand and hold a hand, wherever there may be a need. This is where your compassion will make a difference, over and over again.

And rising from your compassionate character, I’ll see your integrity shine in who you are. It’s displayed in the midst of a heated tournament game, as you politely corrected the referee from calling a play against the opposing team. You were the last one to touch the ball, and you believed that honesty was more important than a goal. I’ll notice the aligned moans from men on the sidelines, who criticized your intention in the heat of the match while I stood proud of your ability to seek justice at the cost of a game. As the men exclaimed, “Did you see what that kid did?” I responded, “I saw that, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

There will be countless corners of littered wrongdoings, poor decisions, violations of humanity that you will have the misfortune to witness. Innocent victims will make mistakes; while corrupt management will produce grave errors. You will be exposed to poor choices, deceitful leaders, cheating peers, and unjust principles. But you will discern what is right, with your conscience that shines with all that is good. Some may even scorn your choices and scoff at your intentions. The world is wrought with such people. And just as you boldly stepped in to intercede the play on the field, I envision your courageous steps of honesty and integrity to continue to triumph in all that is true and all that is worthy of justice.

As beautiful as this world is to live in, I’ve found that our greatest moments come from the hardest places. When we are faced with difficult decisions in the throes of challenging circumstances, this is where our principles can either crumble or shine.

And as I stand on the sidelines and watch you play out your life…

Lifting the wounded, defending the innocent, correcting the mistakes and risking the game for the sake of what is true...

I see you shine.

Keep shining, precious boy.

I won’t stop clapping and crying and cheering you on, and exclaiming to the crowd, “I saw that, and I couldn’t be more proud.”


Profile PicAbout the Author:

Christine Carter is a SAHM of two pretty amazing kids. She has been writing at TheMomCafe.com for over five years, where she hopes to encourage mothers everywhere through her humor, inspiration and faith. You can also find her work on Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post, Mamapedia, and For Every Mom. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


  1. thelatchkeymom

    Just beautiful Christine! He’s not the only one shining.

  2. aladyinfrance

    I love this. I hope my son (also ten years old) will grow up with this kind of integrity too.

    • Chris Carter

      Thanks so much, Jennie! I do hope my son holds on to these qualities through middle school and high school- well into adulthood. We can pray for that with our sons together! <3

  3. theheartofsassylassie

    This is such a terrific piece, Chistine. Mine are grown and flown and I also tried to make them caring, compassionate men. You’re doing a great job, your son sounds like such a wonderful young man. The world needs more men of compassion. Loved this!

  4. Kristi Campbell

    Oh Christine! I love it. You shine.

  5. Langley McKinney

    That was beautiful Christine!

  6. Dana

    It’s tough to stand on the sidelines sometimes, isn’t it? Lovely piece, Chris.

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