My Husband’s Date with Someone Else Changed Our Lives for Good

My Husband’s Date with Someone Else Changed Our Lives for Good

Written by Brie Latini

My son was conceived on the night my husband took someone else out on a date. I know that sounds scandalous, but it’s a true story.

It was March 10th, 2009, and my husband Pete had plans to escort a sweet young thing to a very trendy Philadelphia restaurant. His date had spent the day at the salon, and was dressed to kill when Pete arrived at the house with flowers.

Before you start to think that there’s something kinky/cheaty/weird going on here, I’ll fill you in on the punchline: Pete’s date was our niece Riley. Riley is also Pete’s Goddaughter, a role he takes very seriously, and when he had to miss her birthday party the weekend before due to nursing school obligations he promised to make up for his absence with an outing for just the two of them.

The year before, Riley celebrated her 4th birthday in the hospital where her father, Greg, 36 years old, was being treated for a brain tumor. It would be the last birthday Riley would have with her father; by that October, Greg had succumbed his illness.

When something like that happens to someone you love, it can be a struggle to find ways to help fill the void in a way that is meaningful and helpful. In fact, you can’t. All you can do is offer your grace and loan out your heart until the broken one is patched up. During this time, we all struggled to be there in some kind of productive way for these girls who had endured such a loss. So when the idea of a “date” with her Uncle Pete brought back some glow to Riley’s face, Pete decided to go all out.

Unexpectedly PositiveHe made reservations at POD, an upscale Philadelphia restaurant that features glossy, white walls and glowing pops of color, giving the eatery a futuristic feel. Reservations were made, flowers were purchased, and a dressed up 5-year old and her uncle drove across the bridge into the city. The birthday girl munched on crab rolls and sushi and was ecstatic when her ice cream was served on a giant block of ice. Beyond all of the fancy, Riley seemed happy to have some special time carved out just for her.

When Pete got home, I was sitting on the couch, watching television and writing. Pete talked a little about how much Riley enjoyed dinner, how much the wait staff fussed over her, and how she loved the giant televisions that adorned the sleek walls of POD. Still dressed in his nice clothes, Pete’s head tipped back and he fell asleep on the couch. I glanced at him over the screen of my laptop, thinking about how sweet Riley looked and how happy she was and how I had never, ever been more in love with my husband.

So, I woke him up. You know… I woke him up. *wink wink*

A missed period later, I was standing in my bathroom, struggling to breathe as I tried to make sense of two pinks lines. If the stick had indicated that I had Ebola rather than pregnancy, I could not have been more shocked. My disbelief drove me to pee on a handful of sticks that all left a row of positivity lined up on my sink. It was all real.

Nine months later, just a few weeks past the anniversary of the day Greg lost his life, we welcomed a new life into the world. 

Unexpectedly PositiveWhile I was pregnant with my son, PJ, we decided to name Riley as his Godmother. Although too young and lacking in a few of the required sacraments, that sweet soul is the whole reason my son is here. PJ is lucky enough to be loved by his many, many cousins, but his bond with Riley is special.

It all came about unexpectedly, but everything about the night we created our son was about love. Who couldn’t use a little more of that?


Brie LatiniAbout the Author: Brie Latini is a thirty-something mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and fan of guilty-pleasure television. She currently lives in Collingswood, NJ with her husband Pete and son PJ. A work-a-holic turned stay-at-home-mom, Brie is enjoying her emerging second career as a writer as it now gives her a better excuse to pass on housework (“You load the dishwasher; I have to write!”). You can read more about Brie’s journey through life as the mother of a special-needs child at her personal blog, {…a breezy life}., and find her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.


  1. JerseyMomsBlog

    What else is there to do after someone just opens his heart like that 😉 FABULOUS story!

  2. Linda Sheridan

    A beautiful story. I must admit , the title made me very intrigued, LOL!
    I believe everything happens for a reason, that we might not grasp at that time! I am where I am right now because of all of the good and trying times in my life.
    Glad you are grateful for all that is!
    Love, SMD’s Momma

  3. Tia

    This is the very most precious thing I’ve read in a long time. Thank you for sharing. A beautiful story of love and hope that I think everyone can use.

  4. Brie Latini

    Thank you so much! I love that you read my piece, and even more flattered that you commented! Thanks for your encouragement and support!!

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