10 Signs Your Child is Addicted to the iPad

10 Signs Your Child is Addicted to the iPad

Written by Janine Huldie

“Sweetie, do you know how to tell time?”

“Yeah, the app shows me how!”

“Mommy can you stop talking now, I can’t hear the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song.”

I had this absurd conversation with my four and five-year-old daughters one weekend, while they were playing an episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on their iPad mini.

Now, I am all for the occasional iPad use for educational purposes. I have even been known to let my girls use it for a few quiet minutes while I manage to do a few things around the house, but I started to fear that they were moving from being recreational users to downright addicts.

I was even more horrified to realize that I was their dealer.

If your children are showing any of these signs you might want to look into Apple rehab for you and your family.

 10 Signs Your Kid is Addicted to the iPad

1. When they wake up in the morning they immediately ask for the iPad first thing instead of saying good morning.

2. When asked to clean up their mess, they tell you there is an app for that. (Moms just wish there was an app for cleaning up messes.)

3. At meal times, they text you their food order.

10 Signs Your Child is Addicted to the iPad

“Tell Mom I want fries with that.”

4. They make The Price Is Right contestants look inferior as they can bargain with the best of them to get to use the device during the day.

5. They mistake Siri’s advice for mom or dad imparting some words of wisdom upon them.

6. Your phone’s photo storage is completely full with pictures of Barbie’s fashions, Easy Bake cupcake creations, and crazy kid selfies.

7. When you take the iPad away from them they go through a metamorphosis similar to when Bruce Banner changed into The Incredible Hulk.

8. You find your kid stroking their iPad and calling it their “Precious,” not unlike Gollum from The Lord of the Rings does.

9. When the battery dies from over-usage or just plain forgetting to charge it, your child goes through withdrawal symptoms similar to Jim Breuer in Half Baked.

10. While saying their prayers at night they ask God to bless their iPad and keeps it safe from harm’s way while they are sleeping.

Of course I’m not saying I have seen any of these signs from my own precious angels, but I will admit that after some soul searching I have decided to rethink our family’s iPad usage. We have instituted specific times for the girls to play with their beloved devices. I am happy to report that besides one (very needed) slip when I had the flu, we are all on the road to recovery.

This story was published originally on Janine’s blog Confessions of a Mommyaholic.

Updated HeadshotAbout the Author: Janine was previously a licensed middle school teacher, who became a stay at home mom after having her second daughter.  She was born and raised in NYC, but now residing with her family in the NY suburbs, while being a WAHM blogging at Confessions of A Mommyaholic, as well as running her own graphic design company at J9 Designs with two beautiful, zany, energetic daughters, husband, but still trying (key word) to keep it all in perspective by attempting to make the days and nights, too a little bit brighter.  Find Janine, also, on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.



  1. Carrie Groneman

    LOVE this post! Janine does a fabulous job writing in a savvy, tongue-in-cheek way that drives home this very important point of how we need to be aware of how much our kids are using devices. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  2. Kathy Radigan

    I love this piece!!!!!! And according to this my kids are addicted!!

  3. Janine Huldie

    Carrie, I had quite of bit of good inspiration here with this and thank you so much always!! 😉

  4. Janine Huldie

    Kathy, apparently so are mine!! 😉

  5. Jack

    We don’t own iPads but based upon my children and their current electronic habits I’m sure it would be like this.

  6. Daine Roark


    You crack me up. I had to laugh at most of these things. I think every kids is addicted to a certain point. I am thinking they may have AA for I-Pads before long.

    You made my day. Thanks for sharing!
    Diane Roark

  7. Janine Huldie

    Jack, trust me it escalates so quickly!

  8. Janine Huldie

    Diane, if they ever do come up with AA, my kids were most likely be the first on this list! 😉

  9. Jenny.U

    LOL!!! Unfortunately for many kids it is true.

  10. Janine Huldie

    I know Jenny, right?!! 😉

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