by Lauren Ashworth

Brainstorming for the perfect Halloween costume is exhilarating to me!  As a child, my mom went ALL OUT for us. Handmade costumes all the way. Super original and on a budget.

They. Were. AWESOME!

From the Gypsy Fortune Teller with a glowing crystal ball on a wearable table to a Lightning Bug whose bottom turned on & off as we walked down the street…My sisters and I hit the streets to Trick-or-Treat with the best duds in town. The parents got in on it, too! Kiss, Aunt Jemima and two crazy vikings–What can I say? I come by it naturally.

I have GOT to go digging for some old pictures!

Luckily, my husband is just as excited to get in on the Halloween action as I am. He was tossing out fun costume suggestions before our son was even born! This year we took a leap of faith and transitioned from our life in the suburbs to an adventure in farm living.


Our son Baker is 100% boy and LOVES daddy’s new tractor. We spent less than $5 on this year’s costume and voila!

Our little farmer now has a tractor of his very own!

This costume was SO easy to make and you probably have most of the supplies already! You can easily customize it or even make a totally different “vehicle” by utilizing the same concept. I’d love to  make a fire truck version or maybe even a bulldozer or garbage truck. The possibilities!

BONUS: I love that Baker will be able to keep them and use them for playtime even after the holiday is over!

Here’s what you’ll need…

DIY Tractor Costume

-2 Small/Medium cardboard boxes (I used a Pampers box)

-Poster Board (coordinating colors)

-Duct Tape

-Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun

-Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll

-Craft Paint

-Craft Paper/Construction Paper

-Battery Operated Lights (I used the kind you push to turn on. $2 at the Dollar Tree!)


First, I covered the box with duct tape (inside and out) so that you couldn’t see the exterior of the cardboard box. I then covered an empty toilet paper roll with craft paper and taped it to the top of the box to make the tractor’s “exhaust pipe”. Next, I wrapped the box with cardboard to create the orange exterior to match daddy’s big tractor. (I cut a hole in the cardboard on top that fit over the toilet paper roll.) Then measured and secured elastic straps using hot glue. I just used my imagination and creativity to cut out and paint the rest of the exterior tractor details! (The wheels & grill are cardboard and are hot glued on.) The cute little headlights came with a sticker backing to mount them. They’re my favorite part!

Not only am I super proud that this turned out so cute, but I’m even happier that it was almost free! I hope this inspires you to get creative. We can’t wait to trick or treat and show off our new wheels!




About the Author:

Lauren and family reside in Alabama the Beautiful, where they have taken on the ultimate DIY project: a 100 year old farm house. Lauren loves from-scratch everything: design, decor, dinner…you name it. Her southern charm and warm personality are evident in every project she takes on. You should follow her at Little White House Blog.





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